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Caili O'Doherty - Quarantine Dream
Pianist Caili O'Doherty has a great sort of shimmer to her tone – a sense of swing that's familiar, but nicely personal as well – a bit hard to describe in words, but a charm that grabs you instantly from the very first note! - Dusty Groove


Alex Sipiagin - Ascent To The Blues
The tunes are mostly all originals by Alex, delivered with a strong focus by the quintet - a group who work with an innate sort of energy throughout, really packing a heck of a lot into a small space – while still allowing for plenty of individual moments of expression. - Dusty Groove


Art Hirahara - Ascent
Hirahara masterfully employs a full palette of harmonic landscapes, melodic motifs, and fascinating rhythms to create a series of brilliant performances.


Doug Webb - The Message
An album that really soars with a saxophone-heavy sound right from the very first note – a unique quintet outing that not only features the tenor of leader Doug Webb, but also the alto of Greg Osby and additional tenor of Bob Reynolds. - Dusty Groove


Out To Dinner - Episodes Of Grace
"Episodes of Grace" is an engaging and enjoyable album featuring the collective efforts of five capable composer bandleader virtuosos.