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New Releases


Diego Rivera - Love And Peace
The compactness is key to the sound, as Diego packs a heck of a lot into the three to five minute space of most tracks – working with a great rhythm trio that features Art Hirihara on piano, Boris Kozlov on bass, and Rudy Royston on drums. - Dusty Groove


Something Blue - Personal Preference
There's a number of the label's key players here – working as a sharp sextet who manage to really pack a lot into each tune on the set – well written numbers that are full of personal moments. - Dusty Groove


David Ake - Slingshot
Ake delivers a focused presentation of intimate compositions and expressive pieces that succeed in creating a gallery of intimate auditory snapshots for listeners to enjoy.


Out To Dinner - Food Is Medicine
The fourth release in the "Out To Dinner" series, "Food Is Medicine" continues to steer the musical message gently outward along an ambitious course.

Josh Lawrence

Josh Lawrence - Call Time
Employing a wide palette of tones and sounds, Lawrence is a gifted instrumentalist who makes a clear statement of purpose with his stunning musicianship and stalwart leadership on his fourth album for Posi-Tone.