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Idle Hands

Idle Hands - Get A Grip
The combination of vibes and guitar is especially nice – much sharper than you'd expect, in part because the tenor of McCaslin keeps urging them onward. - Dusty Groove


Jim Alfredson - Family Business
Driven by EJ Strickland’s drums, the group blends soul jazz and hard bop motifs with a masterful touch. Solo space is provided freely, and Alfredson’s organ supplies the requisite “grease.” - Audiophile Audition


Shorter Moments - Blue Ballads
We at Posi-Tone greatly mourn the recent passing of Wayne Shorter and wish to offer our humble honors to his wonderful life and inspirational music.


Behn Gillece - Between The Bars
Cascading vibes from Behn Gillece – easily one of our favorite contemporary players on his instrument, and a musician who always seems to find a great way to resonate with his bandmates on a session! - Dusty Groove


David Ake - Green Thumb
There's almost an Americanist vision here that echoes some of the quiet experiments of Bill Frisell – but with Ake's piano in the lead, beautifully balanced next to the tenor of Tony Malaby. - Dusty Groove