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New Releases

Blue Moods

Blue Moods - Myth & Wisdom
The moods here are anything but blue – as the group's got an upbeat, positive way of laying into a tune right from the start – as they take on a range of compositions by Charles Mingus. - Dusty Groove

Shorter Moments

Shorter Moments - Exploring The World Of Wayne
With the release of “Shorter Moments,” we celebrate the music of Wayne Shorter and present a special compilation of his compositions.


Farnell Newton - Feel The Love
the sense of interplay is what really makes the record special – tight, but very personal solo work from all involved. - Dusty Groove


Art Hirahara - Open Sky
Hirahara's work here is a great reminder that a jazz musician doesn't need to go outside to make their voice known – as Art's very original right from the very first note. - Dusty Groove


Will Bernard - Ancient Grains
Guitarist Will Bernard is in a mighty sweet trio here – one that features lots of excellent work on Hammond organ from Sam Yahel, plus tight drums from Donald Edwards! The vibe is great. - Dusty Groove