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New Releases


Luther Allison - I Owe It All To You
It's clear from the start that Allison's the star of the show, as he has a way of setting up the tunes wonderfully at the start, then swinging them home with these fluid solos that often evoke old school giants of the format – like Chicagoans John Wright or John Young. - Dusty Groove


Markus Howell - Chosen Path
Warmly-crafted alto work from Markus Howell – a player with an easygoing, soulful approach – one that almost feels at times like an updated take on territory that Hank Crawford was hitting in the 70s! - Dusty Groove


Josh Lawrence - Measured Response
This is a varied album that shows multiple sides of Lawrence’s artistry and represents some of his most deeply thoughtful compositions. As the title indicates, he and his bandmates play with a controlled fervor throughout. - Making A Scene


Behn Gillece - Stick Together
All the players here are strong enough to be leaders on their own, coming together here beautifully in a set of nearly all-original material by Gillece! The album's awash in cascading tones and colors. - Dusty Groove


Altin Sencalar - Discover The Present
Altin Sencalar is an admirably gifted virtuoso who passionately embraces the rich heritage of jazz, and "Discover the Present" is a joyous album on which Sencalar pays homage to his masters and perfectly delivers the compositions that can carry the tradition into the future. - darkbluenotes


Willie Morris - Attentive Listening
Rising star tenor saxophonist Willie Morris embarks on an immersive sonic journey exploring the concepts of "Attentive Listening" with his own unmatched blend of virtuosity and emotion.