Behn Gillece
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Behn Gillece

GilleceStill Doing Our Thing PR8218

Behn Gillece - vibraphone
Art Hirahara - piano & Rhodes
Boris Kozlov - bass
Rudy Royston - drums & percussion
Nicole Glover - tenor saxophone on 7

While to many eyes and ears, the pandemic-era jazz scene appears to be darkened or shut down, Posi-Tone is here to assure listeners that we are "Still Doing Our Thing." Breaking the sound barrier with an inspired sense of purpose, rising star vibraphonist Behn Gillece leads his worthy constituents on an exciting quartet date of brilliant performances. The band features veterans pianist Art Hirahara, bassist Boris Kozlov and drummer Rudy Royston. From the opening salvo to the last hurrah, the musical program remains melodically straight forward, elegantly lyrical and clearly suggestive of a modern jazz sensibility with hard-swinging highlights. Featuring an amazing combination of talents and an evocative collection of original compositions, "Still Doing Our Thing" is engagingly entertaining throughout and certain to deliver bright moments of intense delight to jazz fans everywhere.