Pride & Joy
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Pride & JoyPride & Joy

Alexa Tarantino - alto sax
Jenny Hill - tenor sax
Lauren Sevian - baritone sax
Amanda Monaco - guitar
Akiko Tsuruga - organ
Allison Miller- drums

Six talented female musicians join together to deliver an entertaining and melodically engaging debut as the new collective Lioness roars into action with "Pride & Joy." Carefully assembled by Posi-Tone producer Marc Free, this record features the front line talents of alto saxophonist Alexa Tarantino, tenor saxophonist Jenny Hill, and baritone saxophonist Lauren Sevian, along with the talented rhythm section of guitarist Amanda Monaco, organist Akiko Tsuruga and drummer Allison Miller. With a dazzling combination of talents and an evocative program of musical selections by female composers, the ear catching performances on "Pride & Joy" are sure to bring bright moments to jazz fans everywhere.