Farnell Newton
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Farnell Newton

NewtonFeel The Love - PR8223

Farnell Newton - trumpet
Art Hirahara - piano
Boris Kozlov - bass
Rudy Royston - drums & percussion
Braxton Cook - alto sax 2, 10
Jaleel Shaw - alto sax 3, 5, 7
Joe Strasser - drums on 4, 6, 9
Brandon Wright - tenor sax on 4
Patrick Cornelius - alto sax on 6, 9
Michael Dease - trombone on 7

Emotional integrity is the keynote address when Farnell Newton plays his trumpet with heartfelt and hopeful expressiveness entreating us to “Feel the Love.” As this 2021 album covers a wide range of moods and genres, Newton's trumpet playing remains steadily focused on portraying the subtle and tasteful elements of his style. He pushes melodicism to the forefront while also demonstrating his formidable command of the instrument. The whole album is truly a labor of love. To make this happen, Newton traveled east from Portland Oregon to New York City, to work with Posi-Tone and their capable rhythm section of pianist Art Hirahara, bassist Boris Kozlov, and drummers Rudy Royston and Joe Strasser. The album also features wonderful guest appearances from several of Farnell's favorite saxophonists, including Jaleel Shaw, Braxton Cook, Brandon Wright, and Patrick Cornelius. With an amazing combination of diverse talents, several brilliant performances, and an evocative program of musical compositions, Farnell Newton keeps everything moving steadily straight forward, and continues to announce he is an important and emerging voice on today's jazz scene.