Shorter Moments
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Shorter Moments

ShorterExploring The World Of Wayne - PR8224

1. Chief Crazy Horse 6:31-David Ashkenazy
2. Edda 6:05-Ed Cherry
3. Rio 5:59-Out To Dinner
4. ESP 3:19-Jordan Young
5. El Gaucho 5:47-Farnell Newton
6. Lady Day 6:33-Alexa Tarantino
7. Scarlet Woman 4:52-Walt Weiskopf
8. Water Babies 6:56-Orrin Evans
9. Children Of The Night 5:38-David Ashkenazy
10. United 6:15-Sam Yahel
11. Charcoal Blues 7:22-Jared Gold
12. Infant Eyes 8:55-Wayne Escoffery

Acting upon the thoughtful advice to give out flowers to the living while they are still here to enjoy them, Posi-Tone would like to show our profound appreciation and affection for Wayne Shorter. With the release of “Shorter Moments,” we celebrate the music of this wonderful composer and present a special compilation of his compositions, lovingly performed over the years by a wide variety of artists from our talented roster.