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Midwest Record reviews Behn Gillece “Mindset”…

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 With quotes from both Miles Davis and Malcolm Gladwell in the liner notes, all we have to say is, Behn, calm, you really don’t have anything to prove, especially on that scale. You’ve seen his name on a million jazz records over the last decade but this is the first time the vibe man has stepped out as a leader. Over flowing with ideas he hasn’t given away to others, this is an energetic, well played date by a cat who has forgotten more than other people ever knew. Angular, muscular, hard hitting contemporary straight ahead jazz, this groove is so deep in the pocket it might be wearing a hole in the bottom stitching. Smoking stuff that’s a little left of center but should be loved by almost every jazzbo looking for the real deal.


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May 14th, 2015 at 12:10 pm

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