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Midwest Record on “Mother’s Touch”…

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ORRIN EVANS’ CAPTAIN BLACK BIG BAND/Mother’s Touch: Right from the opening, this feels like a classic big band set. He might be a piano man, but he’s got the arranger’s chops of instrumentalists from other axes from the last 50 years of greats. Starting out by sort of taking it to church, Evans and his vast collection of players knock it right out of the park. Brimming over and dripping with great talent, it might be impractical to take this on the road these days, but any corporations that want to walk it like they talk it could at least trot them out during festival season with some sponsorship. Utterly great listening that will sorely remind you how they don’t make them like this anymore—-and they should. Hats off to Evans for his wonderful originals and wonderful originality.


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May 15th, 2014 at 12:04 pm

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