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Jared Gold ” Metropolitan Rhythm” gets coverage from Step Tempest…

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Jared Gold - Metropolitan Rhythm cover






It’s back to the Trio format for the new CD from organistJared Gold.  “Metropolitan Rhythm” is the 8th release on Posi-Tone Records and the 4th to feature guitarist Dave Stryker. Filling out the rhythm section is the young drummerKush Abadey (known for his work with trumpeter Wallace Roney and the son of drummer/composer/educator Nasal Abadey. Gold is quite the melodic player and he works well with Stryker. The New Jersey native, who has worked with numerous artists including saxophonist Oliver Lake, has chosen an intelligent mix of pieces for the new disk ranging from pop tunes such as “Maybe I’m Amazed” to high-energy romps such as Joe Henderson’s “Granted” to the rich gospel melody of Isiah Jones'”God Has Smiled on Me.”   Gold et al have a fun yet  sophisticated time with Thelonious Monk’s “Let’s Call This“, changing tempos and giving the piece sections where the trio gets deep into the groove.  Where the Charette trio CD above has a funky feel, the Gold trio likes to swing, often with a vengeance. On Stryker’s “As Is“, Abadey sets a wicked pace, propelling the guitarist and organist forward with great glee.  Soft guitar lines and gentle brush work lead the way into “Risco“, a sweet samba that may take listeners back to the 1960s sounds of organist Walter Wanderley.

Metropolitan Rhythm” is one of those sneakily seductive albums in that the music might not blow you away on first listen but grows on you each time you return.  The CD has 9 tunes in 48 minutes and only one (the Monk piece) over 6.  Dave Stryker shows his worth as both a rhythm guitarist and soloist while Kush Abadey keeps the music percolating without much fuss but great flair.  Jared Gold has proven himself to be a fine soloist and he continues to mature as a composer (his “In A Daze” is a bluesy treat).  This music sounds great on the back porch on an early summer afternoon. 


–Richard Kamins


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June 17th, 2015 at 7:55 am

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