Tales Of Wonder
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Tales Of Wonder

Tales Of WonderA Jazz Celebration Of Stevie

Send One Your Love - Works For Me
My Cherie Amour - Jon Davis
Superwoman - Theo Hill
You And I - Idle Hands
You Haven't Done Nothing - Jared Gold
The Secret Life Of Plants - Diego Rivera
All In Love Is Fair - Farnell Newton
Visions - Out To Dinner

How can we at Posi-Tone show our sincere appreciation and affection for one of the world's greatest songwriters? What kind of special 70th birthday surprise can we give someone who has already received almost every accolade and award imaginable? Maybe we could accomplish both of these objectives simultaneously by honoring him with the release of a special compilation of his music! “Tales of Wonder” is a collection of instrumental jazz interpretations of some of his most popular compositions lovingly performed by a wide variety of artists from our talented roster.