Shorter Moments 2
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Shorter Moments

ShorterCitizen Wayne - PR8249

1. Lost 4:54-Art Hirahara
2. Pinocchio 4:21-Willie Morris
3. Mahjong 5:07-Behn Gillece
4. El Toro 5:17-Blue Moods
5. Twelve More Bars To Go 6:09-Alex Sipiagin
6. Tom Thumb 4:58-Blue Moods
7. Deluge 6:17-Ed Cherry
8. 502 Blues 5:51-Willie Morris
9. JuJu 6:37-Blue Moods
10. Charcoal Blues 7:18-Blue Moods
11. Infant Eyes 8:55-Wayne Escoffery

All compositions by Wayne Shorter


We at Posi-Tone greatly mourn the recent passing of Master Wayne Shorter and wish to offer our humble honors to his wonderful life and inspirational music. While this musical offering was originally intended as a celebration of Master Shorter's 90th birthday, we hope this bouquet of auditory rosebuds will assist listeners to find comfort and joy in remembering him as a wonderful human being. Accordingly, with this third and final installment of “Shorter Moments,” we would like to celebrate the wide ranging and ineffable genius of Wayne's peerless compositions, lovingly performed over the recent years by a wide variety of artists from our talented roster.