Michael Dease
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Michael Dease

Michael DeaseReaching Out

Michael Dease - trombone
Ralph Bowen - tenor sax
Walt Weiskopf - alto & tenor sax
Behn Gillece - vibraphone
Luther Allison - piano
Peter Brendler - bass
Zach Adleman - drums

Trombonist Michael Dease brings together a new group of hands to help engage his audience by “Reaching Out.” Assembling a diverse group of voices, both young and old, Dease succeeds in creating an artful conglomeration of supporting talent featuring saxophonists Walt Weiskopf and Ralph Bowen, vibraphonist Behn Gillece, bassist Peter Brendler, pianist Luther Allison, and drummer Zach Adleman. Dease’s skillful band leading keeps the music steadily straight forward as the group undertakes an exciting program of new compositions and intelligent arrangements of some new and familiar melodies. With yet another enjoyably swinging affair firmly grounded in both tradition and exploration from start to finish, Dease continues reaching ever higher for the blue skies of a brighter tomorrow. Listeners will certainly agree that Dease’s new album succeeds in delivering a compelling and engaging message that encourages everyone to continue “Reaching Out.”