Parallel Universe
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Behn Gillece

Parallel UniverseParallel Universe

Behn Gillece - vibraphone
Bruce Harris - trumpet
Stacy Dillard - tenor sax
Art Hirahara - piano
David Wong - bass
Rudy Royston - drums

For his fourth album on Posi-Tone, Downbeat Rising Star vibraphonist Behn Gillece investigates the parallax of perspectives created by the individual approaches of introversion and extroversion which comprise the “Parallel Universe.” With purposeful intention, Gillece repeatedly shifts his musical focus back and forth between inward to outward perspectives. While doing this, he moves straight forward through a series of original compositions that skillfully combine his high-powered harmonic approach with stunning displays of lyricism and create an engaging set of transformative tour de force performances. Gillece shines brightly throughout while clearly enjoying supportive companionship from saxophonist Stacy Dillard, trumpeter Bruce Harris, pianist Art Hirahara, bassist David Wong, and drummer Rudy Royston, each of whom contribute uniquely bright moments to the proceedings. With an expressive program of musical offerings, Behn Gillece’s “Parallel Universe” is a joyous journey which seeks to engage and entertain listeners while simultaneously transporting them into new realms of personal insight and sonorous delight.