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Walt Weiskopf


MindsetOpen Road

Walt Weiskopf - tenor saxophone
Peter Zak - piano
Mike Karn - bass
Steve Fidyk - drums

Saxophonist extraordinaire Walt Weiskopf shifts into another gear and takes us along for the ride on the "Open Road." As a tour de force collection of hard hitting performances, Weiskopf's second release for Posi-Tone features the hard swinging rhythm section of pianist Peter Zak, bassist Mike Karn, and drummer Steve Fidyk. All of the musicians in the band do some heavy lifting behind the sensational melodicism and harmonic inventions of their fearless leader. From the opening downbeat to the final salvo, Weiskopf keeps the music moving steadily straight ahead and reaffirms that he is certainly in motion and on his way to success with an "Open Road" out in front of him. !