Ken Fowser
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Ken Fowser

Ken FowserNow Hear This!

Ken Fowser - tenor sax
Josh Bruneau - trumpet
Paul Gill - bass
Rick Germanson - piano
Jason Tiemann - drums

Celebrated tenor man Ken Fowser delivers an emphatic message of stunning melodicism on his latest release "Now Hear This!" Critical listeners may appreciate these performances as a series of engaged discussions employing the clever repartee of context and contrast between the voices of the horns and the affectionate support and retort from their favorite rhythm section of pianist Rick Germanson, bassist Paul Gill, and drummer Jason Tiemann. Bright moments are dénouement when trumpet phenomenon Josh Bruneau rejoins Fowser as his front line aide-de-cam and Fowser has noticeably shifted into another level. Together, this dynamic duo unleash a powerful combination of swinging blasts and forays into subtle conversation. If we overly focus on the interplay of elements, then we may miss the point of the dialogue and mistake the medium for the message, because Fowser's unmistakable talent as a songwriter is the real story here. From the opening salvo to the last hurrah, the melodic message of "Now Hear This!" moves effortlessly straightforward, and affirms that Fowser is a rising star to keep an eye on for many years to come.