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Patrick Cornelius


corneliusMaybe Steps

Patrick Cornelius - alto saxophone
Gerald Clayton - piano
Miles Okazaki - guitar
Peter Slavov - bass
Assen Doykin - piano on 9
Kendrick Scott - drums

Saxophonist Patrick Cornelius keeps moving forward along new avenues with his latest release "Maybe Steps." This exciting musical program features Cornelius' brilliant original compositions presented by an amazing group of players, including celebrated pianist Gerald Clayton, bassist Peter Slavov, the ever bombastic Kendrick Scott on drums, and a guest appearance from guitar wizard Miles Okazaki and pianist Assen Doykin. Critical listeners will agree that Cornelius' compositions and performances clearly demonstrate both his command of the saxophone and his functional mastery of the jazz idiom. With a delicate balance of modernity and classic aesthetics, "Maybe Steps" is insightfully straight ahead, steadily swinging, and refreshingly melodic enough to evoke a wide assortment of bright moments to discerning jazz fans everywhere.