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Spike Wilner


La TendresseLa Tendresse

Spike Wilner - piano
Dezron Douglas - bass
Joey Saylor - drums

Spike Wilner strides back on to the scene with his latest release "La Tendresse." Jazz fans will surely delight as the Spike Wilner's piano trio navigates steadily through landmarks of the past while carrying tradition forward into fresh realms of modern melodic improvisation. With a captivating musical program that explores aspects of the feminine archetype and the hidden nature of romance, Wilner succeeds in putting forth an emotional performance of uplifting joy and brooding intensity. The message is moving and the statement is solid when Wilner's piano shines brightly and the trio swings sweetly with the able support of bassist Dezron Douglas and the explosive metrics of drummer Joey Saylor.

"La Tenderesse" is a work of gentle contemplation and passionate reverence by an musical artist seeking to explore the profound depths of our collective emotions, while ultimately remaining true to himself and relevant to that which is swingingly straight ahead, and should bring smiles of delight to listeners everywhere.