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Jared Gold


Golden ChildGolden Child

Jared Gold - hammond organ
Ed Cherry - guitar
Quicy Davis - drums

Organist Jared Gold sets his standards high and arrives in style with his latest release "Golden Child." Serious listeners will be delighted to simply sit back and dig the music when Jared brings all the right stuff to this groovy and hard-hitting date. While the focus and crux of "Golden Child" rests squarely upon the shoulders of Mr. Gold and his B-3 organ, the strong showings of guitarist Ed Cherry and drummer Quincy Davis also provide their melodic highlights and consistently exhibit the kind of strong rhythmic support that always keeps the session in the pocket. With an exciting program of musical selections from a wide range of styles, from the funky and familiar to the soulful and original, "Golden Child" certainly exceeds expectations as a swinging collection of performances that jazz enthusiasts can bank on with confidence.