Roxy Coss
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Roxy Coss

Roxy CossThe Future Is Female

Roxy Coss - sax & bass clarinet
Alex Wintz - guitar
Miki Yamanaka - piano
Rick Rosato - bass
Jimmy Macbride - drums
Lucas Pino - bass clarinet on 10

Saxophonist extraordinaire Roxy Coss follows her passionate desire to inform and inspire with her latest release "The Future Is Female." With this album, Ms. Coss presents an exciting program of compositions which unfolds as to take listeners through a musical exploration of issues confronting women today. Accompanying Ms Coss on the date are the able hands of guitarist Alex Wintz, pianist Miki Yamanaka, bassist Rick Rosato, and drummer Jimmy Macbride who provide solid assistance in supporting the intense melodicism of the leader's powerful saxophone. With an amazing collection of new originals and emotional performances, Coss keeps everything focused and straight forward to insure that "The Future Is Female" continues to proclaim that she is certainly a saxophonist demanding of greater attention from jazz audiences.