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Orrin Evans


Orrin EvansFaith In Action
Orrin Evans - piano
Luques Curtis - bass
Nasheet Waits - drums
Rocky Bryant - drums
Gene Jackson - drums

Orrin Evans hits the ground running with "Faith in Action," his first date for Posi-Tone. Listeners are invited to kick back and dig the sounds as Evans bravely embarks on an interpretive exploration of the music of his friend and mentor Bobby Watson. This trio date features the solid harmonic foundation of bassist Luques Curtis and the bombastically explosive metrics of drummer Nasheet Waits. Many jazz fans may already be familiar with Orrin and his earlier work, but now it's all hands on deck as the piano trio steers steadily into the familiar landscapes of the straight ahead concept before heading out beyond into the uncharted depths of modern collective improvisation.

"Faith in Action" is the sincere exploration of an forward minded artist seeking to pay respect and homage to the music of a dear friend. Orrin utilizes his visionary talents as a bandleader and musician to uncover the hidden possibilities latent in the compositions and to make a bold and original statement while ultimately remaining true to himself. Whether one is already familiar with the music of Orrin Evans or Bobby Watson, or discovering it for the first time, this session is sure to bring a smile to serious listeners everywhere.

"Highly Recommended"
Lee Mergner - Editor : Jazz Times

“Faith in Action” is prime East Coast stuff, rigorous and mysterious, arranged but not overly so.....
Ben Ratliff - New York Times