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David Ake



David Ake - piano
Ralph Alessi - trumpet
Scott Colley - bass
Ravi Coltrane - tenor sax
Peter Epstein - alto sax
Mark Ferber - drums

Pianist David Ake unleashes his musical genius and crosses back onto the scene with "Bridges." Ake succeeds in making an inspired and bold statement on his new sextet date, featuring trumpeter Ralph Alessi, alto saxophonist Peter Epstein, tenor saxophonist Ravi Coltrane, bassist Scott Colley, and drummer Mark Ferber. The session features some hard swinging highlights, but the music is also elegantly lyrical and clearly suggestive of a modern jazz sensibility. With an amazing combination of talents, brilliant performances, and an evocative program of new original compositions, Ake's latest release "Bridges" is sure to bring bright moments of intense delight to serious listeners and jazz fans everywhere.