Michael Dease
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Michael Dease

Michael DeaseBonafide

Michael Dease - trombone
Marshall Gilkes - trombone
Conrad Herwig - trombone
Gina Benalcazar - bass trombone
Sam Dillon - tenor sax
David Hazeltine - piano
Todd Coolman - bass
E. J. Strickland - drums

Trombonist Michael Dease gives listeners the real deal by assembling a colossal collection of several of the best trombonists -- including Conrad Herwig, Marshall Gilkes, and Gina Benalcazar -- for his latest release “Bonafide.” Highlighted by a full complement of tour de force performances, the album also features strong showings supported by the hard swinging rhythm section of pianist David Hazeltine, bassist Todd Coolman, and the ever exciting drummer E.J. Strickland. This amazing ensemble of talents plays skillfully, and everyone works seamlessly together to keep the session in the pocket while the trombones cover all the finer points of the music with effortless mastery and melodic brilliance. “Bonafide” is a straight forward collection of quality performances that will certainly entertain jazz enthusiasts again and again with amazement and delight.