Bruce Harris
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Bruce Harris

Bruce HarrisBeginnings

Bruce Harris - trumpet
Dmitry Baevsky - alto sax
Frank Basile - baritone sax
Andy Farber - tenor sax
Grant Stewart - tenor sax
Jerry Weldon - tenor sax
Michael Weiss - piano
                                         Clovis Nicolas - bass
                                         Pete Van Nostrand - drums

Bells are ringing when Bruce Harris and his trumpet hit the ground running right from the opening salvo on his aptly entitled debut release “Beginnings.” Indeed, Harris pushes his melodic message to the forefront with skillful leadership, while he ably demonstrates a total command of his own instrument. Also featured on the album are several of NYC’s top saxophonists, including Grant Stewart, Andy Farber, Jerry Weldon, Frank Basile and Dmitry Baevsky. They are supported by the capable rhythm section of pianist Michael Weiss, bassist Clovis Nicolas, and drummer Pete Van Nostrand. With an amazing combination of talents, some brilliant performances, and an evocative program of music, critical listeners should agree that “Beginnings” travels steadily straight forward and shines with bright moments to successfully proclaim Bruce Harris as an important and emerging new voice in jazz.