Becoming Quintet
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Becoming Quintet

One-Track MindOne-Track Mind

Markus Howell - alto sax, flute
Eric Wortzman - trumpet
Luther Allison - piano
Liany Mateo - bass
Zach Adleman - drums

Posi-Tone Records unveils the carefully curated debut recording of the Becoming Quintet and keeps their musical message focused on evolving the expression of their ”One-Track Mind.” This novel project features the individual talents of five emerging artists with cohesive camaraderie who are focused on creating a series of meaningfully fresh musical presentations. Each member of the group (trumpeter Eric Wortzman, saxophonist Markus Howell, pianist Luther Allison, bassist Liany Mateo and drummer Zach Adleman) brings a tremendous and unique talent to the collective, and each one also contributes an individual musical statement to the program. Everything is meant to entertain and delight, and a splendid time is guaranteed for all! Recorded under the supervision of producer Marc Free, each of these succinct performances are intended to provide an opportunity for new and long-time listeners to become even bigger fans of these new musicians and the genre of Jazz. Sit back and enjoy the intelligent and beautiful sounds emanating from the Becoming Quintet as they explore the mysteries of their “One-Track Mind” and present an engaging straight forward musical message about a more delightful today and a brighter tomorrow.