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Sean Nowell


Jared GoldThe Seeker

Sean Nowell - tenor sax
Art Hirahara - piano
Nir Felder - guitar
Thomson Kneeland - bass
Dave Eggar - cello

Joe Abbatantuono - drums

Tenor Saxophonist/Composer Sean Nowell fuses introspective melodies, darkly hued harmonies and angular rhythmic structures to create a sound that has succeeded at melding, morphing and mixing the best of Blue Note-era small group nirvana with the Headhunters' pocket and vibe, evolving it to right now.
- Phil DiPietro, All About Jazz

Highlights include six Nowell originals, a Bjork cover ("Isobel"), and "Inner Universe", Nowell's drum 'n' bass-driven rearrangement of a song by Anime composer Yoko Kanno for Ghost In The Shell.