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David Ashkenazy


David AshkenzyOut With It

Joel Frahm - saxophone
Gilad Hekselman - guitar
Gary Versace - organ
David Ashkenazy - drums

David Ashkenazy goes beyond with his latest release "Out With It" available now from Posi-Tone.
Moving boldly forward, drummer, Ashkenazy is joined on the mission by a veteran flight crew of saxophonist Joel Frahm, organist Gary Versace, and guitarist Gilad Hekselman. The sky is the limit as the session takes off swingingly,quickly breaks the sound barrier of the safe and familiar, and heads harmonically for escape velocity off into space.

Featuring a stellar lineup and a balanced program of songs and styles from the straight ahead to the more modern and avant-garde, David Ashkenazy's "Out With It" will certainly fascinate serious jazz enthusiasts with detailed constellations and compositions while also bringing pure melodic delight to casual listeners tuning in from space stations, satellites, and home bases everywhere.