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Mike DiRubbo


Jared GoldRepercussion

Mike DiRubbo - alto saxophone
Steve Nelson - vibraphone
Dwayne Burno - bass
Tony Reedus - drums

Mike DiRubbo unleashes a big sound and takes care of business on his new CD "Repercussion." Joining DiRubbo on the date are vibist Steve Nelson, and his long time rhythm section of bassist Dwayne Burno, and the drummer Tony Reedus.

With a program of exciting new compositions, and a few tasty covers thrown in for good measure, the session really swings and soars into the stratosphere. We live in a world of cause and effect, and with this dynamic performance Mike DiRubbo is sure to affect a pleasing "Repercussion" in ardent listeners everywhere.

"An impressive alto sax quartet -- big sound, bold moves" -Tom Hull, Village Voice