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Ehud Asherie


Jared GoldLockout

Ehud Asherie - piano
Grant Stewart - tenor sax
Ryan Kisor - trumpet
Joel Forbes - bass
Phil Stewart - drums

Ehud Asherie was born in Israel in 1979. He lived in Italy for six years before moving with his family to New York at the age of nine. As a child, he took piano lessons, but his real interest in playing began when, at fourteen, he discovered Smalls jazz club in Greenwich Village. On weekends, he would stay at the club from ten at night to six in the morning, listening to the headliners and playing in the late-night jam sessions.

Ehud studied with the late Frank Hewitt, an influential pianist he met at Smalls. Soon, he was performing with other Small regulars, including the late Jimmy Lovelace. At the same time, he began leading the jam sessions on Sunday nights. Ehud was first featured at Smalls in 1999, initially with the Grant Stewart quartet and then as a headliner with his own trio. Shortly thereafter, he started a two-year engagement at the Rainbow Room, where he played six nights a week with his Trio 65.

"Lockout" is Ehud Asherie's first recording as a leader, and features four of his original compositions along with five standards. Supporting Ehud on this session are all of his compatriots from the hard working group that plays every Tuesday night at Smalls. Eminent tenorman Grant Stewart adds his soulful tone to the mix and trumpet phenomenon Ryan Kisor soars while the solid rhythm section of bassist Joel Forbes and drummer Phil Stewart help to keep everybody’s playing honest and swinging straight-ahead.

Ehud enjoys playing "jazz you can tap your foot to or if you're so inclined -- dance," but also takes care "to make sure nothing gets too predictable." Warm and upbeat, "Lockout" will surely please the groove seekers, while remaining honest and straight-ahead enough for serious listeners to enjoy again and again.

"modern yet traditional... in the most wonderful way." - Harry Allen