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Jim Rotondi


Jim RotondiFour of a Kind

Jim Rotondi - Trumpet, Fluegelhorn
David Hazeltine - Piano, Fender Rhodes
John Webber - Acoustic Bass
Joe Farnsworth - Drums
Jason Hann - Percussion on "Falset" and "Manteca"

The music on this disc is the fruition of my long-time vision to make a quartet recording with some of my favorite musicians, guys with whom I am always completely relaxed and musically at ease. Each musician I chose for the session has a fully developed, mature style, crafted through many years of hard work and dedication. The obvious intimacy and empathy on this recording are the result of many years on the bandstand together and displays a kind of interplay not generally found on thrown-together dates typically orchestrated by producers. Because of our long-standing associations, I knew very well how the compositions and arrangements would be interpreted. In short, this record was a joy to make from start to finish. -- Jim Rotondi

Four Of A Kind is an excellent example of modern mainstream jazz of 2007. - Scott Yanow, All Music Guide

Four Of A Kind is to trumpet and flugelhorn player Jim Rotondi the equivalent of the classic Blue Note album Candy to the great Lee Morgan a stunning example of trumpet virtuosity, placing Rotondi at the forefront of present day jazz masters on the instrument. -Rick Erben, KIOS