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David Weiss David Weiss
Venture Inward

Michael Dease Michael Dease
All These Hands

Art Hirahara Art Hirahara
Central Line

Will Bernard
Will Bernard
Out & About

Ed Cherry
Ed Cherry
Soul Tree

Doug Webb

Doug Webb
Bright Side


New Releases


David Ake - Humanities
Really lovely work from pianist David Ake, wonderfully paired here with trumpeter Ralph Alessi whose sparkling tones really seem to illuminate all the musical ideas that Ake brings to the set! - Dusty Groove


Josh Lawrence - Contrast
The session is elegantly lyrical and clearly suggestive of a modern jazz sensibility, with an amazing combination of talents.


Ken Fowser - Don't Look Down
Ken Fowser's "Don't Look Down" is an insightfully straight-ahead record. Rest assured he's looking up and ahead, with every intention of taking the listener along. - Gary Walker WBGO


Michael Dease - Reaching Out
Reaching Out shapes up as a collection of swinging tunes and sharp arrangements. As the title suggests, it approaches the tradition in a spirit of urgent exploration. - Gary Walker WBGO

New Faces

New Faces - Straight Forward
The New Faces group is assembled from musician members of the Posi Tone stable of artists and has produced a very satisfying new album aptly titled "Straight Forward". - Huffington Post