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New Faces New Faces
Straight Forward

Art Hirahara Art Hirahara
Sunward Bound

Roxy Coss Roxy Coss
The Future Is Female

Theo Hill
Theo Hill
Interstellar Adventures

Bruce Harris
Bruce Harris

Jon Davis

Jon Davis
Happy Juice


New Releases

Becoming Quintet

Becoming Quintet - One-Track Mind
Sit back and enjoy the intelligent and beautiful sounds emanating from the Becoming Quintet as they explore the mysteries of their “One-Track Mind”.

Ken Fowser

Ken Fowser - Right On Time
Everything moves sharply into focus as Fowser writes and plays with a remarkable clarity of vision throughout this stunning collection of original compositions.

Parallel Universe

Behn Gillece - Parallel Universe
Gillece is a master of color and rhythm throughout – and he's joined here by a combo that really keep things lively throughout. - Dusty Groove

Something Blue

Something Blue - Maximum Enjoyment
A record that definitely lives up to its promised title – as the whole thing brims over with excellent work from players you might know from other albums on the Posi-Tone label! - Dusty Groove

Michael Dease

Michael Dease - Bonafide
Michael Dease just seems to grow and grow with each new record – not just in sound and fresh ideas, but also in spirit – which is especially the case here, on a set that brings in a few other trombonists to the ensemble! - Dusty Groove