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David Weiss David Weiss
Venture Inward

Michael Dease Michael Dease
All These Hands

Art Hirahara Art Hirahara
Central Line

Will Bernard
Will Bernard
Out & About

Ed Cherry
Ed Cherry
Soul Tree

Doug Webb

Doug Webb
Bright Side


New Releases

Theo Hill

Theo Hill - Promethean
"Theo Hill captures the reflection of the Promethean in nine artists whom he admires. The music is alive with intelligent nuance, stylish surety and tonal allure." - Raul da Gama

Amanda Monaco

Amanda Monaco - Glitter
"These songs swing, simmer, and smile, projecting warmth and joy while showcasing Monaco’s no-nonsense playing." - All About Jazz

Roxy Coss

Roxy Coss - Chasing The Unicorn
"With an old school vibe that does pay mind to her elders, the sound is all her own, a point made certain by the load of saxuality she delivers by the truck load." - Midwest Record

Champian Fulton

Champian Fulton - Speechless
"bassist Adi Meyerson and drummer Ben Zweig anchor the swing while Fulton carves out a comfortable envelope for lyrical expression." - New York Music Daily

Josh Lawrence

Josh Lawrence - Color Theory
"Lawrence’s quintet plays like they have fuel to burn, and the motion from the up-tempo action infuses simple lyricism with a substantive vibrancy." - Bird is the Worm