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Something Blue Something Blue
Maximum Enjoyment

Art Hirahara Art Hirahara
Sunward Bound

Behn Gillece Behn Gillece
Parallel Universe

Theo Hill
Theo Hill
Interstellar Adventures

Bruce Harris
Bruce Harris

Ken Fowser

Ken Fowser
Right On Time


New Releases


Diego Rivera - Connections
Rivera bristles with energized enthusiasm as he confidently demonstrates his stunning melodic command over his instrument.


Markus Howell - Get Right!
Alto saxophonist Markus Howell unleashes a big sound on his strong debut with front line special guests trombonist Michael Dease and trumpet player Joe Magnarelli.


Out To Dinner - Different Flavors
This latest project features a musical menu of inspired presentations from a curated group with unique instrumentation. It also prompts listeners to expand their sonic palettes.


Alexa Tarantino - Winds Of Change
Alexa Tarantino plays with sumptuous tone on flute, alto saxophone, and soprano saxophone. And because she never leans on the sound alone, it creeps up on you during each tune. - PopMatters


Sam Dillon - Force Field
There's a cascading sense of colors on the numbers with added horns that we really love but Dillon also balances things out with his own rich voice on the quartet numbers. - Dusty Groove